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Refund & Cancellation

Please do not even try to buy something in our store using other people's cards and payment accounts that do not belong to you. You should not write to the administrator after the purchase and ask for a refund. It's out of the question! Remember! We accept payment exclusively by PayPal. PAYPAL IS SAFE FOR ALL US! Please, if you are not sure if you need a certain product, and if you REGULARY! change your mind, please¬†ūüôŹ¬†DO NOT BUY! anything in our store!
Let's talk seriously about delivery time 
We all hate waiting extra long for our packages to arrive, but we all love to receive our purchased items. Nobody likes to spend money, but everyone loves to buy too. Please be aware that shipping may be delayed, this is normal!
A package that arrives late would not be considered perfectly on-time. But then packages that arrive before the deadline are also not considered ideally on-time.
A lot of factors can affect how long the package will take to reach the recipient. But we always sincerely wish want, and do everything possible so that you receive your goods as quickly as possible.
Please, if you do not like what i've written here (which was written with good intentions) THEN PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING IN OUR STORE


Registration Terms
If you fill in the wrong customer shipping address, you should bear 99% of the liability. If you have used the wrong address contact us as soon as you realize as once it is shipped we cannot change it.

If you wants to cancel an order within 24 hours after the payment has been confirmed, you will be eligible for a full refund. It is still possible to cancel an order after 24 hours but only until when it has been shipped. If an order has been shipped, we can not cancel or modify it anymore. It will have to be returned to us once your customer received it. We will only be able to issue a partial refund covering the price of the item(s) minus the shipping fees. More details,please contact with your sales manager.

3 Day Return To Us

For whatever reason if you are unsatisfied with your order within 3 days you can return it to us in new condition for a refund minus the shipping charges. spare parts products cannot be returned if installed to mobile phone and it's working.

Items Damaged in Transit
If items were visibly damaged on receipt, we kindly ask you to support us by accepting the parcel and contacting us within 7 working days, as well as providing us with the proof as following:


1. Photos of the front and back sides of the packaging box
2. Photo, video, screenshot of the defective item
3. Photo, video, screenshot of the defect or defective area


Our sales manager will communicate with you for further information.


Repair Policy in Warranty Period
If any of your purchases is defective, and it's no more than 1 year since receipt, you are entitled to a warranty repair, please kindly provide us with proof as below: pictures, videos to show the product now is defective. After informing us of the information and getting confirmation from us, you can send the items back for repairment.
Before sending back, please note: Keep in mind that it's your responsibility to record and erase all info (e.g. texts, images, ringtones, contacts, etc.) from any phone or other items you return to us. STUFFPRIDE is not responsible for any personal info left on a phone and will not guarantee that personal info left on a phone or other items will be erased. Detailed repair policy as below chart.


Type of repair  Applicable charges (Buyer) What to do
Refundable  Situation                                                                                      
1. Incorrect Item Received.                                                                            Unused condition; Please follow the warranty process and contact our Support Center and return within 7 days of the order being received; No damaged or defective on product accpectable. (Need send back all parts) Customers must pay the shipping fees for returning Return your defective STUFFPRIDE items, free of damage and in its original condition,
please return the items to below 
Attn: Wangmin+Sales Manager Name
Address:8th Floor, Building 614, Bagua 1st Road, Bagua Ling, Futian District, Shenzhen
Zipcode: 519000
Country: China
Tel: +86 18923785876
Tips: Recommend to send it by Post to avoid customs clearance delay,thanks
Discount deal Situation
1. Ordered product with mistake, no damaged or defective on product accpectable. .(Need send back all parts)
2. Only Sim card can not be recognized in local, No damaged or defective on product accpectable.(Need send back all parts)
Repairable, Non Refundable Situation    
1. Artificial factor 
ÔľČMisuse,unofficial firmware or software modifications or any others causes of damage are not covered;
ÔľČDrops or falls
ÔľČWater damage: Being dropped in water; Rain, fog or mist droplets ; Spilling liquid on the phone
ÔľČOther Man-made damage
Return shipping fees; Reship fees; Repair cost The STUFFPRIDE Shop will send your items for repairing and will provide you with an estimate for additional costs when repairing
2. Any scratch or damage on packaging and appearance.
3. Any scratch or damage on the screen and motherboard, or other unauthorised third-party repairs.
4. Packages and accessories were not included when send back.
5. Has been discontinued and that has used more than a month.
Non Repairable, Non Refundable Situation „ÄÄ „ÄÄ
1. Not order from us. „ÄÄ „ÄÄ
2. Expired warranty or issues not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.    
Other warranty and return policy for special product will be provided in product catalogue, please read the following Product Warranty Terms and Conditions key note carefully.
Please email below details to your sales manager's email address or services@stuffpride.com after you send the defective items:
1.Tracking number 
2.Returning back Product list 
3.Fault details for each item
4.Original Order number in STUFFPRIDE for each item
5.All send back parcels must choose Post office, we won't signed in the parcel if there is any duties due to ship by express
Thanks for your cooperation.