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Huawei FreeBuds 2 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Supports Bone Tone Recognition & Voice Interaction & Wireless Charging, with Charging Box(Black)

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1. Built-in bone voiceprint sensor, can accurately obtain the bone voiceprint information of the speaker...

Tags: 1) Apple Accessories , 2) Earphone & Headset , 3) Bluetooth Earphone

1. Built-in bone voiceprint sensor, can accurately obtain the bone voiceprint information of the speaker at the time of the speech, and cooperate with AI artificial intelligence recognition technology to complete the owner identity verification in one sentence.
2. Bone sound pattern technology makes payment easier and can be reached in one sentence.
3. Voice Assistant, ready to go, complete your voice commands without unlocking and other operations.
4. With the wireless charging base, the headphones are ready to be charged. Support reverse charging of the earphone box, and easily solve the emergency power-filling problem.
5. 13mm dynamic speaker and semi-in-ear design, comfortable to wear, let you enjoy high-definition music quality.
6. Each headset is equipped with two high-precision Mic, matching call noise reduction technology, and the call is free from interference and clearer.
7. Single charge, headset talk time up to 2.5 hours, with the charging box multiple times, talk time up to 15 hours.
8. IP54 dust-proof and anti-sweat design, easy to deal with sports sweating and sports during light rain.
9. iOS/Android is compatible.

1. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0.
2. Bluetooth protocol: A2DP 1.3; hands-free configuration (HFP) 1.6; AVRCP.
3. Support music: effective frequency bandwidth 20Hz - 20000Hz.
4. Charging interface: Type C USB interface.
5. Battery capacity: minimum 410mAh, typical value 420mAh.
6. Power input: 5V-1A.
7. Theoretical standby time: When connected to a Bluetooth device at full power, it will enter standby mode, and the non-wearing state can last for about 15 hours.
8. Theoretical charging time: Maximum support for 3C charging current. It takes about 1 hour to fill the headphones.
9. Temperature Operating temperature: -10-55 degrees Celsius, charging temperature: 0-43 degrees Celsius, storage temperature: -40-70 degrees Celsius.
10. Charge box weight: 44g-46g, single earphone weight: 4g-4.2g.
11. The size of the charging box is 50.5mmx45mmx24.5mm, and the size of the earphone is 43mmx18.6mmx16.5mm.

1. It needs to be used with mobile phones with EMUI9.0 and above and support bone texture recognition function.
2. The user enters Xiaoyi Xiaoyi, WeChat Pay, and Alipay payment as the biological characteristics of the owner voice on the mobile phone side in advance. The mobile phone needs HOTA upgrade.
3. The function of the direct payment page is related to the payment software security settings.

Certificate CE , FCC
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