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XTUGA BURNER 3 Door Recording Microphone Isolation Shield

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Features1. Reduces Noise Interference: The noise isolation stand has three layers that work in tandem...

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1. Reduces Noise Interference: The noise isolation stand has three layers that work in tandem to reduce noise while recording. It particularly relies on reflectors with a triangular high density thickened sponge insulator material which reduces the propagation of interference sound waves and creates good recording conditions that result in sublime recordings.
2. Flexibility And Convenience: There is lots of flexibility working with the microphone isolation shield with a stand as you can choose to use the 3-panel design foldable end panels. It is easy to adjust the arch design, enables angle adjustments for optimal sound insulation and meets the recording needs of the environment hence ensures only the high quality recordings.
3. Super Noise Reduction Design: This one is designed to block all sound interpretations with its compact design.It is a full package design, with a foldable top to efficiently cancel out noise interference from the environment for a noiseless,multi-layer noise cancellation structure. It reduces noise on the back and side to ensure cleaner and clearer recordings.The reflection area and the absorption area reduce noise generated by the external environments.
4. Easy to Use: The microphone isolation cover is designed for easy usage as it can be disassembled separately and installed according to the recording environment.You can fox it on a desktop or microphone stand. It is suitable for use with multiple stands making it suitable for your current needs.You can adjust the height of the recording shield to fit the preferences of the personal preferences. This one are suitable for professional or vocal recordings and podcast recording studios.
5. High-quality Material: Constructed from high-quality material for sturdiness and long-lasting performance. They can be used with multiple stands or microphones, you can use them on a flat surface and can be fitted on countertops and desktops.
6. Material: Plastic+foam+metal
7. Function: Sound insulation
8. Features: Noise reduction, anti-knock sound

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Carton Weight 14.43kgs / 31.81lb
Carton Size 60cm * 43cm * 48cm / 23.62inch * 16.93inch * 18.9inch
Loading Container 20GP: 215 cartons * 8 pcs = 1720 pcs
40HQ: 499 cartons * 8 pcs = 3992 pcs

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