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XTUGA M-22D Audio Interface Professional Sound Card

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Features1. 24 bit/192 kHz Professional Audio Quality: Audio interface, with all connection interfaces for microphone,...

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1. 24 bit/192 kHz Professional Audio Quality: Audio interface, with all connection interfaces for microphone, electric guitar, bass, etc. This includes a +48 volt phantom power supply for condenser microphones,delivers studio-grade 24-bit/192 kHz audio resolution for pristine recording every time.Whether you are a singer, songwriter, producer on the go, or need to accompany during recording, the ultra-reliable E22 audio interface will help you shine in the digital field
2. Simple, Plug and Play: USB audio interface for Windows or Mac driver use generic Windows driver. No proprietary driver to download.It has left and right channel input, can be connected to microphones and instruments at the same time for music production, and can be played on the computer at the same time.So you can be going in your home project studio just a few minutes.
3. Compatible with Popular Recording Software: Whether you are a Podcaster or Beat Maker, it will not disappoint. It can ideal match Pro Tools/Ableton Live Lite/Reaper/Ableton and Other DAW Recording Software. NO DAW Software included which means you have flexible choice for you music production.
4. Ideal For Beats: The sound card is small and easy to carry, so you can prepare for various recording and production scenes even on the go. In touring performances, at home, on stage or in rehearsal venues, the sound card provides you with new freedom in recording, editing and mixing, aany audio you record is at studio quality, meaning you will not have to go to a studio to re-record it later.
5. Power Selector: Sound card has diversified power supply. When connected to the tablet, it provides a 5V DC port for power supply. You can insert a standard USB power adapter or an external USB battery to ensure power stability.

1. Connector: Audio Sound Card Adapter
2. Application: Audio equipment, 2 in 2 out, with LOOP BACK function
3. Material: Metal+ABS
4. Features: Portable
5. Application: Computer and mobile phone
6. Function: Studio recording
7. Resolution: 192Khz-24Bit
8. Frequency range: 60Hz-15KHz

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